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We are so grateful you have expressed an interest in Wintonbury Church. Every member and regular attender of Wintonbury was once a first-time guest. Some came initially out of curiosity. Others visited with a deep spiritual need. Still others were just seeking answers to the questions of life.

Our motto at Wintonbury is ‘Loving God, Living Christ.' It represents our belief in the God we’ve come to know, the Loving God who treasures everyone He’s made, and the Living Christ who rose from the grave and offers powerful, new life to all who commit their lives to Him. Conversely, it also represents our belief in the kind of community we seek to be – one that is Loving God with all we have and Living Christ, allowing Jesus to be seen through our acts of kindness and mercy.

If you would like to discover the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ, then we hope you'll start by attending one of our Sunday morning worship services. We have two identical services at 9am and 11am. We invite you to come as you are and look forward to personally welcoming you to Wintonbury.

Again, thank you for your interest. Whether you visit or not, we pray God’s peace upon all who visit our website.


Andre and Dave


Thanks for visiting!


Attend a service:

Sundays @ 9 & 11AM