WSOM Admissions

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Required Credentials | Wintonbury Members 

  • Member in good standing
  • Completed application with a personal recommendation
  • Commendation by Andre or Dave
  • Faith Journey essay (1-2 pages)

Required Credentials | Non-Members

  • Member in good standing in current church
  • Written commendation from a current pastor
  • Commitment from current church leadership to provide supervised practical ministry experience
  • Commitment from current church to provide a seasoned mentor to work with the candidate through the WSOM program
  • Faith Journey essay (1-2 pages)

Choose a Student Status

Certificate: Students enrolled in the full course of study at WSOM.  In addition to coursework, they will be paired with a personal mentor, assigned to a ministry internship, and required to achieve competency in teaching.  Upon successful completion of the course of study, the student will receive a Certificate of Ministry and commissioning by Wintonbury's elders.

Special: Students enrolled for individual courses at WSOM, up to three courses at full tuition.  They may submit an additional application to join the certificate program at any time.  Any courses successfully completed as a special student will be applied toward the certificate. Membership is not required.


There is no registration fee, but upon acceptance to the school each Certificate Student will be required to pay a $100 fee for the first course in order to complete the admissions process.  This fee excludes books and other supplies.  Each subsequent course will also cost $100.

If you have Special Student status, the fee is $50 for each course.  Should you decide to pursue Certificate Student status and be accepted, you will be required to pay the difference of the courses already taken.

Note: Married couples taking classes simultaneously will each receive a 25% discount.