Elder Spotlight | Mark Waller

Mark Waller, his wife Sharon, and their daughter Charisse, found Wintonbury a few years ago when they began looking for a new church home. We are so glad God brought them to us! As part of our ongoing Spotlight series, we asked Mark a few questions to help you get to know him better. His answers (with just a wee bit of editing on my part) are below:

Mark, Charisse, and Sharon

Mark, Charisse, and Sharon

Where did you grow up? 
Hartford, CT

Where do you live now?
Bloomfield, CT

What do you like most about New England? 
Everything! The four seasons, the beaches, mountains, small towns and big cities, the work ethics and intellectual level of most inhabitants, all the New England states are easy to reach by car.

Married? Kids?
Married to Sharon Pearson Waller
Adult daughter: Charisse Renee Waller (age 23 )

Describe yourself if five words or less?
I am a truth seeker.

Profession outside the home?
Educator, leader, advocate. I have recently been promoted to Director of the Upper School at The Master’s School. I have been a teacher for over ten years. Teaching is my second career. I was an insurance executive for approximately 20 years.

Hiking, learning new information (mostly historical in nature), watching science fiction and hero type movies, relaxing and enjoying the company of my bride and daughter

Favorite books (besides the Bible)?
Almost anything U.S. History (especially Native American, Black American, Colonial) and legal thrillers

Favorite TV shows?
Science fiction and legal/spy thrillers

Favorite foods?
Dark chocolate and bagels (no cream cheese)

Favorite sports team?

Pet Peeve?
Talking with a mouth full of food

What’s something about you most people don’t know?
I grew up Catholic, and was once a Buddhist when living out west (Colorado and South Dakota). I was homeless for a year during my mid-twenties while living on the streets of Boston and Cambridge. The story behind the birth of my daughter (who was born at one and one half pounds) brought me to Christ. Both my daughter and Christ have profoundly changed the trajectory of my life. It is interesting how God used my wife’s pregnancy (and potential loss of both wife and unborn child) to draw me to Him.

How did you end up at Wintonbury?
After having been with another church in the area for over ten years we were ready for a smaller church home where we could continue to grow spiritually and more in depth. We weren’t sure when we should actually leave the church were we at, as we were visiting other local churches, while still members of the large church. We were waiting for the Holy Spirit to not only lead us in our search, but to also advise when and how we should make the break from the current church. After having visited Wintobury on several occasions, as a number of the students I taught at The Master’s School were members of Wintonbury, we knew after hearing Pastor Andre deliver several powerful sermons, Wintonbury was on the top of our list. We began attending for a year before becoming members.

When did you first join the Wintonbury Elder Board? 
January 2019

Mark Waller.jpg

Do you have a specific role on the board? 
Just one of the team

What, if any, other ministry(ies) do you serve in at Wintonbury?
Friendship Class Teacher

What do you like most about serving in this way?
I love seeing how God touches the lives of young adults with different learning abilities through the class. They love to sing and share what they know about Christ and have a thirst to know more about God.

How have you seen or experienced God at work in this ministry?
I love seeing how God encourages these students to help each other and encourages them to do more at home, in the work place, and in the church. Although it’s a small group, they attend class regularly. With the help and inspiration from the students, we are currently trying to find a way for them to contribute to the Wintonbury community.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Mark and how God is at work in and through his life. Say 'hello' to him on a Sunday morning. He'd love to get to know you better, too!