At dawn the first day of the week there was gloom
as the women went early to look at the tomb.
They discussed who would roll the large stone there away
from the entrance for it was by now the third day

since they stood at the cross, saw how Jesus had died
for our sins and our selfish rebellion and pride.
Though God’s Son who was faultless, He paid for our sin,
off’ring life everlasting and peace deep within.

As the women were going, there was an earthquake
for an angel had rolled back the stone at daybreak.
The guards whom the governor posted in fear
were afraid for their lives, what they might see and hear.

To the women the angel said, “Be not afraid.
See, here is the tomb where his body was laid.
I know you seek Jesus, who was crucified.
He’s not here. He’s risen. Please come look inside.”

As they hurried away, overjoyed though dismayed,
Jesus met them and said to them, “Be not afraid.”
Wholeheartedly then they did worship, adore
the Savior who’s risen, alive evermore.

© Shirley Whiddon

Photo by Nichole Q Perreault

Photo by Nichole Q Perreault