Staff Spotlight | Chris Schuck

Chris and his much-loved dog, Penny

Chris and his much-loved dog, Penny

Chris Schuck joined the Wintonbury team last fall as our Custodial Caretaker. He began attending Wintonbury nine years ago when his family moved here from New Jersey. Chris, who describes himself as "shy", can be very quiet in a crowd, but if you ever get the opportunity to spend time with him in a smaller group setting, you'll find that he's kind, personable, witty and lots of fun. Below is a little glimpse into the life of Chris, with just a teensy bit of editing from me (Nichole) and a few thoughts from Dave Blough. Enjoy!!!

Where did you grow up? 
Born in CA raised in NJ

Where do you live now?
Windsor, CT

What do you like most about New England?

How did you start attending Wintonbury? 
Visiting local churches after we moved to CT

Do you have any pets?
Penny, a Papillon; she is seven years old.

Describe yourself if five words or less: 
Shy, socially anxious 

What is something about yourself that most people don’t know?
I've built my own PCs (Personal Computers)


Favorite books (besides the Bible)?
Lord of the Rings

Favorite TV shows?
Dirty Jobs, Top Gear (BBC original hosts), Grand Tour

Favorite foods?
I like a variety - not sure I could narrow down favorite plus the chef matters!

Favorite sports team?

Pet Peeves?
Disrespect, hypocrisy

When did you first join the Wintonbury Staff Team? 
November 20, 2017

What is your role/title? 
Custodial Caretaker

What, specifically, do you do?
Clean (and care for) the church

What other ministry(ies) have you served in at Wintonbry?
Audio/Visual team

What do you like most about serving in this way?
Just like serving

Because Chris is a man of few words - one who isn't very comfortable talking about himself - here are some thoughts from Dave Blough about how God is using Chris to bless our staff and congregation:
"I have really appreciated the heart that Chris has had from the beginning of this opportunity to serve the church. He hasn't complained and each week he is faithful. How many people actually take the time, even once, to say thank you for toilet paper, flushing toilets, clean carpets and floors?  Sometimes it is the type of job that is just taken for granted. However, this job is more than just cleaning - it involves caring as part of stewardship. Chris doesn't look for attention to be drawn to him. Chris takes care of the resources of the church and he does that well. As for character, each week he is deeper in the Scriptures and one cannot help but to be a reflection of Jesus when one talks about Him and learns to apply the new things he becomes aware about."

As a staff, we've enjoyed having Chris on our team and, like you, we are grateful for how he takes care of our church. We hope you had fun getting to know more about him.