Volunteer Spotlight | Ben Sargent

Kate, Amelia, and Ben

Kate, Amelia, and Ben

Volunteer Spotlights give us a chance to get to know one another, to shine a spotlight on some our servants, and to be inspired and encouraged by how God is at work in our midst. This month we’re spotlighting Ben Sargent, a quiet, unassuming guy who is also talented, intelligent, kind, and has a great sense of humor. His sweetheart of a wife, Kate, is pretty awesome, too! One thing Ben doesn’t mention in his interview below is that he was part of Wintonbury’s rebranding team which met monthly for about a year to research, collaborate, brainstorm, and develop our brand and visual identity. He may be an engineer and a hunter but Ben also has an eye for graphic design. We are so grateful that he gave his time, gifts and insight to that HUGE project. Keep reading and find out more about Ben.

Where did you grow up?
I was a military child moving every three years. (Maine, Florida x2, North Carolina x3, Alaska, Spain)

Where do you live now?
Granby, CT

What do you like most about New England?
Cool summers, quaint towns and Maple Syrup

Married? Kids?
Married to Kate; daughter, Amelia (2)

Describe yourself in five words or less?
Practical Handy Outdoorsman

Profession outside the home?
Thermal Performance Engineer

What are some things about you that most people don’t know?
I grew up in the military as a child moving every three years; by age 18 I had traveled halfway around the world, Alaska to Israel.

DIY; Home Automation; Fishing, Turkey & Deer Hunting

Favorite books (besides the Bible)?
Frank Herbert's, Dune

Favorite TV shows?
Firefly, Smallville, The Expanse

Favorite foods?
supreme pizza, sushi, a reuben

Favorite sports team?
NC State Wolfpack Football and Basketball

Pet peeve?
Repeating myself/repetition

How did you end up at Wintonbury?
I moved into Bloomfield and it was the closest Baptist church; I was quickly invited to Rich Ainsworth's small group and I was hooked.

In what capacity do you serve at Wintonbury?
Deacon Board: I help when practical needs arise for members of the congregation and help with maintenance around the church.
Lead Usher: I organize and lead the Usher team for each Sunday morning.
I also serve in Widows and Single Parent Care Ministry.

What do you like most about serving in this way?
I enjoy serving in the background, thinking on my feet, and getting to know people.

How have you seen or experienced God at work in this ministry?
I've seen God provide joyful volunteers to help do hard work for people in need.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ben! If you’re interested in serving on the Usher Team, send Ben an email or stop by and say “hi” on a Sunday.

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