Volunteer Spotlight | Felicia Ledgard

Felicia and her husband, Jeff

Felicia and her husband, Jeff

Felicia Ledgard has been a force at Wintonbury for 33 years. I say "force" because Felicia is a strong, energetic, passionate woman who knows how to get things done! She is also what we call a "WYSIWYG" - with Felicia "what you see is what you get". I especially enjoy the way this shines through some of her answers below. Currently, Felicia serves as the Chair of the Wintonbury Missions Board. She and her husband, Jeff, also volunteer in a variety of other ministries at our church. If you've ever been on our property, chances are you have encountered Felicia's handiwork - whether it's the decor, a missions conference, a special event or service, the gardens and landscaping, or something else! To help you get to know Felicia better, we've asked her a few questions and shared her answers below (edited only the teeniest bit by me).

Where did you grow up?
Springfield, MA

Where do you live now?
Avon, CT

What do you like most about New England?
The four distinct seasons

Married? Kids?
Married to Jeff; son, John LaMontagne (31)

Describe yourself in five words or less?
Zealous/passionate, energetic, happy, intentional, organized

Profession outside the home?
Professional Gardener

What are some things about you that most people don’t know?
I LOVE the Iditarod!
I have a Masters in cattle nutrition.
My direct ancestor is the first king of united Norway, Harold Fairhair (945 A.D.).
I went to Israel and took a graduate course in Biblical archeology.

Gardening and pheasant hunting

Favorite books (besides the Bible)?
Knowing God by JI Packer

Favorite TV shows?
I Love Lucy and Downton Abbey

Favorite foods?
Apple pie (any kind of pie really, with a good, flakey crust), Blueberry Boy Bait, venison, pheasant stew, Reeses Peanut Butter cups, homegrown tomatoes or strawberries, and anything to do with Thanksgiving!

This picture captures Felicia's personality so well!

This picture captures Felicia's personality so well!

Favorite sports team?
Jeff King in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race

Pet peeve?
Wishy-washy people; having to wait for something! 

How did you end up at Wintonbury?
I met Rich Ainsworth (former pastor) at a brown bag lunch at Dallas Theological Seminary, and then stopped by Wintonbury worship on my way to an internship in a small Maine church. Wintonbury seemed like a nice fit!

In what capacity do you serve at Wintonbury?
Missions Board Chair: lead missions initiatives, cast vision, draft strategies, develop leaders, connect the dots for people (making things simpler)
Also....The Idea Fairy, Organizer of Events and People, discipleship, making the church beautiful, and anything Claire needs me to do!

What do you like most about serving in this way?
Discipleship: seeing a disciple proficient in studying God’s Word
Missions: seeing God accomplish big things and use people where they are gifted

Felicia with missionaries, Francisco & Yeimi Castillo of the Dominican Republic, during their visit to the United States in 2017

Felicia with missionaries, Francisco & Yeimi Castillo of the Dominican Republic, during their visit to the United States in 2017

How have you seen or experienced God at work in this ministry?
1) Several people I have discipled are now leading others in the study of God’s Word. They have become ‘self-feeders’ and leaders.
2) God used available servants to write, develop, translate, and teach VBS material in the DR to help and encourage one of our missionaries.

Future Plans?
Becoming a Missionary Mentor

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Felicia. If you're interested in serving or have other questions about missions, send her an email. She would love to talk to you.

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