Volunteer Spotlight | Sheri Traverse

Sheri Traverse volunteering at our Campus Serve Day last fall

Sheri Traverse volunteering at our Campus Serve Day last fall

Sheri Traverse and her family have been part of Wintonbury for 16 years. Sheri currently serves as our Shelter Ministry Coordinator and her husband Bill plays electric guitar on the Worship Team. Sheri is one of the warmest, kindest, most positive people you will ever meet. We thought you’d like to get to know her better. Below are some questions we asked Sheri along with her (very fun) answers.

Where did you grow up?
Bedford, MA

Where do you live now?
West Hartford, CT

What do you like most about New England?
The seasons, of course!

Married? Kids?
Married to Bill; sons and daughters:
Tim (30), Laura (28), Danielle (26) who is married to Zach (29), Jaime (24) and Landon (13) 

Describe yourself in five words or less?
Pretty much your average Jo(sephine) :)

Profession outside the home?
PACU RN (Recovery Room Nurse) 

What is something about you that most people don’t know?
I am in a fantasy football league.

I love hiking, biking, swimming in fresh water...pretty much anything that involves movement and fresh air! 

Favorite books (besides the Bible)?
I don't have a favorite "anything" (except a favorite husband, and that would be Bill...good thing eh?), but I would say most recently, that "Wonder" is a great read for any age. 

Favorite TV shows?
We don't own a TV!

Favorite foods?
I have not met many foods I don't like, but it is hard to beat a great cup of hot tea, and just popped popcorn loaded with paprika, salt and a drop or two of maple sugar. (Don't knock it until you try it!) 

Favorite sports team?
I grew up in Massachusetts, and attended Boston College, so the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox are in my blood. Besides, both are broadcast on the radio, and have very entertaining commentators! Love Joe Castiglione!

Pet peeve?
An air of entitlement and waste of any kind  

How did you end up at Wintonbury?
We moved here for my husband's residency (UCONN) which was a three-year commitment....fast forward 16 years!

In what capacity do you serve at Wintonbury?
I am the Shelter Ministry Coordinator. I draw up a schedule which involves serving a meal at a local shelter once a month. A menu is planned, the ingredients are purchased, and then the food is prepared, cooked and served at the shelter. Presently, we serve dinner at South Park Inn, and breakfast at Marshall House, alternating between the two each month. 

What do you like most about serving in this way?
I like the fact that the church is reaching out to the community and helping to meet basic needs, working alongside Christian and secular groups alike. I also like the fact that people who volunteer with me feel free to bring family members, friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers, who might not otherwise cross the church's path.

How have you seen or experienced God at work in this ministry?
So many ways....whether the volunteers are few or many in number, it always seems to be the right amount. More specifically, recently when serving at South Park Inn, one of the volunteers asked if she could bring along some jackets to share. I was unaware of South Park's specific needs at that time, but said to bring them along just in case. While the other volunteers were serving the guests their meal, I happened to be within earshot of the main office. I overheard one of the staff members ask her co-workers if there were any coats available. as one of the guests was in need of one. I interjected that one of our volunteers just happened to bring several with her, and as it happened, one of them fit this woman like a glove. It is often the little things that turn out to be the big things in the end, and I am embarrassed to admit  that I continue to be surprised when God shows up, often allowing us ...even me...to be conduits of His mercy and grace.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Sheri. If you're interested in serving in Shelter Ministry, send her an email. She would love for you (and even your guests) to join her. We're pretty sure you'll be encouraged just by being around Sheri.

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