WSOM Course Framework

The courses at WSOM will be conducted at Wintonbury by Wintonbury leaders as follows:

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Courses: 9 total (10 weeks each)
  • Summer Retreats: 3 total
  • 1 Day Seminars: As needed
  • Teaching Method: Socratic

Course Offerings/Timetable


Year One

Year Two

Year Three


SD 1: Interpreting God’s Word Accurately

SD2: What We Believe - Overview of our Statement of Faith and classic Systematic Theology

SD 3: What Others Believe


Art 1: The Art of Disciple-Making

Art2: The Art of Preaching and Teaching - a practical training in biblical preaching and teaching

Art 3: The Art of Integrating Faith and Work


Epic 1: Old Testament Survey – The Problem

Epic2: Gospels and Acts - The Solution to the OT Problem

Epic 3: Acts and Letters – The Result

Summer – 2 day intensive

PFR 1: Pray – Deeply Relating to God

PFR2 - Hear – Replacing Core Lies with God’s Truth

PFR 3: Share – Walking with God in Community

Seminars (To Be Announced)

SD=Sound Doctrine; Epic=Bible; PFR=Pray for Reign; Art=Ministry;