About Wintonbury Young Adults

Wintonbury Young Adults is a community of adults who regularly interact with mentors just steps ahead on the path of life. As young adults encounter significant opportunities such as identity formation, higher education, career, marriage and more, they will find Wintonbury ready to help them discover God’s plan for their lives.

Young Adult Groups

A monthly gathering for young women ages 18-30(ish) to connect and have fun together. If interested in finding out more, contact Laura G.

Focus. Intimacy. Teamwork.
Build a strong foundation during your first five years of marriage! While this group is not just for young adults, many newlyweds are young adults, making it a great fit for young married couples. Four times a year you can experience a fun day investing in your marriage along with other newlyweds. F.I.T. Trainers: Andre & Diane Riendeau or Brian & Jessie Passon
Contact: Diane R

Wintonbury Young Adult Ministry Values

Life in 4D

Discover answers to significant questions about meaning, purpose, vocation and relationship. Like Abraham in Genesis, we can follow God to a land we don’t know, living out His eternal plans in Greater Hartford and beyond.

You are being built up, 1 Peter says, into a spiritual house of faithful worship and certain hope. So who you’re becoming is more important than what you're doing. Through intentional friendships and mentoring, you can identify areas of growth, develop wisdom for life situations and respond to opportunities to glorify God.

Whether you're launching a business, mentoring youth or investing your gifts in the church or community, now is a time for doing. “As the Father has sent me, so I have sent you,” is Christ’s word to you. You have substantial energy, real talents, fresh ideas and passion. Deploy your gifts to discover your calling and develop your character through action.

Define your convictions. What and who will be the source of authority in your life? How will Scripture and a community of believers influence how you see the world, make choices and live out your faith? In a world of shifting perceptions, defining what you believe and why you believe it, is critical.

Stay Connected and Informed