Congregational Care

Care Calling

Caring for our congregation with a simple phone call! This team meets twice a month to call people who attend Wintonbury, connecting with them on the phone and praying for them.
Connect: Marilyn D

Meals & Transportation

Team members prepare and deliver meals to individuals following the birth of a baby, illness, injury or surgery, and provide transportation to church and/or medical appointments for senior citizens and the physically challenged.
Contact: Pat T

Widows & Single Parent Care Ministry

Serving widows and single parents by providing practical, safety related fixes, helps, services and prayer as encouraging, stop-gap measures to assure care-receivers that they won’t be left alone by the Church during their time of need.
Contact: Duane S

Friends Like Timothy

FLT Care Ministers offer one-on-one support and encouragement, for up to one year, to people who have experienceda significant loss such as the death of a loved one, serious illness/injury, divorce, job loss, etc. Training is provided.
Contact: Pat T

Brain Injury and Neurological Disorder Support

A Christ-centered support group for brain injury survivors and those facing the challenges of long-term neurological diseases such as MS, Lyme, etc.
Contact: Tom S


Our deacon board members are elected by the congregation at our annual meeting and, under the direction of our Care Ministries Director, serve the needs of the congregation in a variety of ways.
Contact: Pat T


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