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New Discipleship Director

Introducing Kyle

We are excited to introduce our new Discipleship Director, Kyle Van Etten. Over the last year, Kyle volunteered his time to collaborate with Lead Pastor, Andre, and former Discipleship Director, Leroy, to establish a more intentional approach to discipleship at Wintonbury. This work has included developing a church-wide discipleship strategy, writing curriculum, and preparing for the launch of Wednesday Night Live.

In August, when God called Leroy to a new adventure serving Him in Hartford, Kyle came on staff as our new Discipleship Director. While we will miss Leroy, we are excited to have Kyle on our team!

Kyle's Role as Discipleship Director

As Discipleship Director, Kyle works approximately 15 hours per week overseeing the implementation of our new Discipleship Pathway program. At Wintonbury, we believe that discipleship requires building and maintaining Christ-centered relationships in a Christ-centered community; which means that comprehensive discipleship is more than just acquiring knowledge, learning doctrine or committing to a quiet time. In accordance with that belief, our Discipleship Pathway encompasses a wide variety of church ministries from Life Groups to Wednesday Night Live to YES! Weekends to Youth Group to mentoring to making Jesus known among the nations. 

Moving forward, Kyle will continue to work with Andre and other church leaders to foster a culture of comprehensive discipleship here at Wintonbury. Currently, his main responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of Wednesday Night Live and our three annual YES! Weekends, while helping individuals take their next steps in their relationship with Jesus. 

Getting to Know Kyle & Danielle

In addition to his ministry at Wintonbury, Kyle works full-time with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He has been the InterVarsity Team Leader at UCONN since he graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2012.  He and his wife Danielle made Wintonbury their church home in August 2014.  Besides his ministry work, Kyle also teaches photography in an online art school called the Arcanum. In his free time, Kyle can be found traveling in the great wide somewhere, taking photos with his camera and flying machine (aka: drone).

Danielle grew up in Wisconsin and moved to New England in 2008 to major in Portuguese-Brazilian studies at Smith College. Between going on missions trips, studying abroad and doing an English teaching Fulbright, she has spent nearly two years living in Brazil and loves to speak Portuguese. She's passionate about learning new languages and has also studied Spanish, Hebrew and Greek. Currently, she is on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and is planting chapters at Manchester Community College and Eastern Connecticut State University.

We hope you'll take a moment to connect with the Van Ettens as we welcome Kyle to the Wintonbury Team. If you are looking to grow in your faith, figure out your kingdom calling, or just want to say hello, Kyle would love to talk with you. You can email him, catch him on a Sunday or find him serving at Wednesday Night Live!