Wintonbury School of Ministry
Training Christ Followers in Skilled Servant Work

Do you have a desire to minister more effectively for Christ, to be used by God in building His kingdom? Then the Wintonbury School of Ministry (WSOM) is for you!

WSOM provides training for the church, by the church, in the church, equipping you for skilled servant ministry. WSOM curriculum includes: Coursework, Training, Mentoring and Practical Service.


We envision a church where 

  • everyone is privileged to be a servant of Christ.

  • each servant recognizes what God has created them to do.

  • each servant eagerly and obediently follows the call of God on their life.

  • each servant possesses the tools they need to skillfully carry out that life purpose.


In pursuit of this vision, the WSOM seeks to

  • build a core of leaders equipped to do what God has called them to do.
  • intentionally multiply the lives of godly leaders thru teaching and mentoring.
  • supply church plants with Wintonbury-trained ministers.

Guiding Principles

  • Church-based - Taught in the church, by the church, for the church
  • Competency-based - Focus on outcomes rather than knowledge accumulation
  • Character-based - Ministry competency is useless without a Jesus-centered passion fueling it
  • Christ-based - Make the school a worship experience instead of an academic exercise
  • Community-based - Pursuing God in ministry with others instead of self-fulfillment