Calendar and Promotion Requests

We want to do our best to help you plan and promote your events and ministries while supporting Wintonbury's vision, purpose and values. One way we do this is by asking you to submit Calendar and Promotion Requests in advance of your event or ministry.  This can seem daunting at first so we will do our best to answer your questions below. Still need help. Contact us anytime. 

Calendar Requests 

What kind of events require a calendar request? 

  • All Wintonbury ministry events or meetings, both onsite or offsite (except offsite Life Groups).
  • Any event taking place on the Wintonbury campus.

When should I submit my request?
As soon as possible! We are a busy church and space fills up quickly. Below are some general guidelines.

  • Weddings: up to one year in advance.
  • Large or date-dependent ministry events (e.g., All-church Christmas Party): up to one year in advance, no less than six weeks in advance.
  • All other events: no less than four weeks in advance. 
  • Events or ministries that you want promoted in our bulletin, etc.: four or eight week in advance of the preferred promotion dates. (See Promotion Requets below)

How do I submit my request?

What if I want to promote my event?
Then you need to submit a Promotion Request, too. Instructions below. 

Promotion Requests

What kind of events or ministries require a Promotion Request? 

  • Any event you want to promote via our bulletin, weekly email, website, newsletter, social media accounts, during Sunday services or at the Connection Center. 
  • Any ministry you want to promote: same as above. 

When should I submit my request?
As soon as possible! Specific timelines can be found in our Promotion Request Guidelines (abridged).

How do I submit my request?

  • Online: complete our digital Promotion Request Form here.
  • Old School: download and print a copy of our Promotion Request Guidelines (abridged), complete the Form at the end and submit to  Nichole in the church office. 

Have questions? Contact: Nichole, Communications Director